Breaking Through The Barriers


BTTB was set up through a passion and desire to effect positive change. We do this by eliciting the notion of real choice and through working closely with individuals and organisations, promote a considered, agreed and structured future.

BTTB originated through the amalgamation of the directors bringing experiences from training, mentoring and supporting people and strategic consultancy. Through this, BTTB now offers unique training and consultancy services around business agility and enabling individuals to enhance their capabilities.

By business agility, BTTB is looking to apply Agile development practices to wider projects and non-IT related business practices. The core to this business driven improvement is the change and motivation of the people involved.

BTTB provides consultancy services that are required to improve your business and the skill and training facilities to enable your teams to achieve.

Whatever your Barrier, be it personal, organisational or company we are here to help you break through it.

“If you don’t like how things are, change it!  You're not a tree.”

Jim Rohn